Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Time to bring back uber in NEWS!

Well, it hasn't been long since uber was in news for delhi rape case.

The current incident has left me wondering if its ill practice on part of uber or it's driver. 
yesterday (June 21st, 2016), a friend of mine booked uber for his friends for a humble distance of 3.74 kms. Considering late night he was obviously charged 1.6x surge over actual fare, no complains, as this is mentioned while booking itself and the receipt too contains this surge.  

Here are receipts he got on mail and app.

No complains for this part, but what followed left me and my friend dazzled. The driver asked for twice the amount stating a red zone booking. Okay! a first, but if it is a norm why wasn't it shown while booking. Also, if its a red zone booking is it in addition to 1.6x surge? Also, if doubling the fare for red zone is part of uber policy, why didn't it show up on the receipt. You hand us proper receipt and we'll willingly pay the stated amount. This leaves us with two questions, is uber trying to evade taxes by not showing entire amount on its receipts? Or, was it one off incident where it's driver stole money stating some shitty reasons. 

    Below, is a recording of our conversation with the driver. 


toh bhaiya red zone me chal raha tha toh receipt pe kyu nai aaya, drivers apne mood se red zone ka charge karenge kya!! 


Give us a reason why should we recommend uber to any acquaintances. Or, why should not we take the matter to consumer courts.

And, if uber is not at fault and it was ill practice on part of driver, we believe uber will take strict action against the driver and cancel his registration.

Friday, May 20, 2016

CUDA installation on centOS 7

well! tried, tried and tried...and if you havn't yet been able to install CUDA on your favourite EL 'coz of some dumb dependencies, this post is for your.

In my case dkms troubled me. It stands for Dynamic Kernel Module Support. More about dkms could be read on its project page.

Well if this or any other package troubles you, the best places to find them are either rpmforge or epel community.

here is how you enable rpmForge repository in centOS 7.x (64 bit):

$ wget
$ rpm -Uvh rpmforge-release-0.5.3-1.el7.rf.x86_64.rpm

here is how you enable epel repository on centOS 7.x (64 bit):
$ wget
$ rpm -ivh epel-release-7-6.noarch.rpm
However, as most EL(s) including centOS borrow their packages from fedora project, you may be lucky to have epel pre-enabled. (fedora acts more like beta release of ELs and only stable packages gets to be part of ELs - may be this is why most of the times fedora has newer packages compared to currently available ELs).

Now, dkms - - well once you have rpmforge enabled, all you have to do is punch in command written below. 

$ yum --enablerepo rpmforge install dkms

Once done goto CUDA download website, and select your disto, and follow the steps there. here, is a screen shot of my selection for centOS 7. 

 Once CUDA installation is complete, you should get screen as follows: 

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

'gather up your friends and start your own firm' lullaby!

(To be sung with the theme from the Beverly Hillbillies)

Come and listen to a story 'bout a man named Ted, A poor college kid, barely kept his family fed. But then one day he was talking to a recruiter who said, "they'll pay big bucks if ya work on a computer"..

UNIX, that is....Windows 10....Workstations...C++...VB

Well, the first thing ya know ol' Ted's an engineer. The kinfolk said "Ted, move away from here". They said "Bangalore is the place you oughta be" so he bought some donuts and he moved to Kormangla...

Intel, that is....dry heat... no amusement parks.....

On his first day at work, they stuck him in a cube. Fed him lots of donuts and sat him at a tube. They said "your project's late, but we know just what to do Instead of 40 hours, we'll work you 52!"

OT, that is ...unpaid...mandatory.....

The weeks rolled by and things were looking bad. Schedules started slipping and some managers were mad. They called another meeting and decided on a fix. the answer's very simple..."we'll work him sixty-six!"

Tired, that is.. stressed out.. no social life....

Months turned into years and his hair was turning gray. Ted worked very hard while his life just slipped away Waiting to retire when he turned 64, instead he got a call and escorted out the door.

Laid off, that

Now the moral of the story is, do what you are told companies will use you and discard you when you're old So gather up your friends and start your own firm, Beat the competition, watch old bosses squirm.

Millionaires that is.....Bill Gates...Steve Jobs...

Ya'll come back now, ya hear.

There! Now get back to work!

( This song is believed to be in public domain. If you feel it belongs to you, please let me know the details. I will remove or provide a link as requested.)